Responding  to the needs

In the field of medical research the need for reliable and innovative solutions is constant and clear.

Our goal is to provide and create devices that will change the quality of medical testing, prevention, diagnosis and treatment - and thus the health and quality of life.

User friendly

Our devices are supposed to make life easier. Therefore, they are designed in a user friendly manner. No detail is left to chance. 

Even the placement of the smallest component is the result of well thought decisions made by our engineers, supported by usability testing. Our devices are delivered with clear instructions.

Individual approach

Our aim is sustainable development and the gradual introduction of new solutions, as well as expanding the scope of our services. We are open to new challenges - we approach each project and client individually.

Highly qualified staff, combined with modern technology, a very good market knowledge and extensive contacts in the industry, enable us to carry out very difficult, custom tasks.

Quality and Responsibility

Quality is important. Always, for each product. We realize, however, that in the case of medical devices the quality is also a very big responsibility. Therefore, we treat it as a priority and never cut corners.

All of our hardware and software products have been tested and meet the highest standards of quality and safety .


We offer full support to our customers. We install our equipment at the customer’s place. We offer direct servicing as well as through e-mail, telephone and on-line.

We are doing our best to be available at dates convenient for our customers and respond to notifications as quickly as possible. We also provide training, so that the customer can freely use and take full advantage of the solutions offered by us.

Scientific background

Cooperation with renowned research institutions is a valued and regular part of our business. Working with scientists, researchers and physicians helps us to keep a scientific approach to our projects, and provides access to newest knowledge.

It’s important for us not to get detached from every day challenges, and we are aware of the real needs and problems arising from the work of doctors and scientists.