Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) is a medical test which relies on the BOLD (blood oxygen level dependent contrast) technique, i.e. the registration of the difference between the signals of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin in the entire brain.

It is considered to be a completely safe (non-invasive) method to measure the activity of the neural system and its result stand out because of high spatial resolution. It shows very accurately which regions of the brain are engaged in completing the task which a subject carries out during the test.

Since the early 1990s, when the fMRI technique has been developed, this method has been considered the most reliable among brain activity research methods. Due to the accuracy of the results it currently dominates brain imaging methods.


To conduct fMRI studies it’s essential to have a magnetic resonance tomograph with magnetic fields of the strength of at least 1.5 Tesla, optimal 3 Tesla, as well as a set of devices used for synchronization and stimulation. The latest production technologies for research devices cause the use of fMRI methods to expand constantly. Conducting an EEG while recording psychophysiological reactions is not a problem anymore. 

Neuro Device is the only distributor of devices produced by NordicNeuro Lab – a world-class leader in production of stimulator and software solutions used in the field of fMRI. Furthermore, we offer our own research devices, designed specifically for the MR environment. Considering the high sensitivity of the resonance to any head motion we also offer innovative cushions produced by PearlTec used to stabilize the patient’s head. We also offer glasses adjusted for the use within the magnetic resonance field produced by Innovize to enable testing people with significant vision defects.

fMRI allows to verify the cognitive functioning of the patient and is used in neurology, psychology, psychiatry but is also becoming more popular in neurosurgery, pharmacology and chemistry and is also considered to be the most objective method used in neuromarketing research. Considering the rising usage of fMRI in interdisciplinary researches we also offer niche devices for cardiac stress and ergonomic tests in magnetic resonance – products manufactured by ErgoSpect.

Research projects

Besides equipping fMRI laboratories, the Neuro Device team also carries out research projects. Our experience in this field makes it possible (we were the first group to carry out fMRI studies). We manage projects for and with Universities and Research institutions each year and publish scientific papers on them and present their results at international conferences around the world.

Contracts for performing resonance imaging tests that we signed with various clinical and research centres enable us to perform our research services anywhere across the country – from Gdansk to Cracow and Wroclaw.