We are a company specialising in the development of innovative solutions in the field of scientific research, diagnosis, and therapy of the nervous system. We are in the avant-garde of global entities creating the contemporary image of neuroscience.

Our portfolio includes many a pioneering project executed in collaboration with renowned researchers and research institutes, including the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, the Max Planck Institute and the University College of London. Technologies and solutions developed by us are used by many facilities, among others, Klinika Budzik (The Alarm Clock Clinic), Boston Children’s Hospital, and Saitama Children’s Medical Center in Japan. Moreover, well-known investors, for instance, Yigal Erlich – the father of Israeli start-ups, and global companies such as Siemens, GE and Bayer get in touch with Neuro Device, and our team designs and creates medical devices especially for them, all of which are the first of their kind in the world.

Our work focuses on the development and implementation of projects from various areas of neuroscience. We designed and built the very first Tactile Stimulator opening new diagnostic and treatment possibilities of many neurological problems. We also co-create technology enabling us to conduct ground-breaking research on the functioning of the brain, and we develop diagnostic and therapeutic methods for patients suffering from severe nervous system disorders. Our portfolio also includes our very own Olfactometer used to measure responses to aroma stimuli, a MR Camera facilitating magnetic resonance imaging, and a tES stimulator for use in psychiatric and neurological therapies.

Neuro Device is also a distributor of research and rehabilitation devices manufactured by many global companies, as well as designs and equips research laboratories in the field of functional tests of the nervous system.

We specialise in the following fields:

  • functional magnetic resonance imaging – fMRI,
  • intraoperative magnetic resonance,
  • eye-tracking,
  • research in cognitive psychology and neuropsychology.

We will help you if and when:

  • you plan to purchase devices from the categories listed above,
  • you want to equip a science lab,
  • you want to equip a laboratory for usability and neuromarketing research,
  • you want to rent out eye-tracking devices and software,
  • you are a specialist looking for devices for your medical facility,
  • you need consultancy or training in the above-mentioned fields,
  • you need a medical device that does not yet exist – our R&D department will design and manufacture it especially for you.

We are the sole licensed representative
We are the exclusive distributor in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus for products manufactured by Nordic Neuro Lab and Tobii, as well as other companies in our portfolio. As a result, we can offer the best prices and the widest offer. Moreover, we run a comprehensive repair service dedicated to devices purchased from us.

We are the bridge between the worlds of business and science
Our advantage also lies therein that all those who make Neuro Device are people from the world of science and clinicians – real practitioners. We make use of all offered devices and available methods on a daily basis. We guarantee services at the highest level as well as the best approach to research and clinical issues. We share with our clients the same language – science.





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