Installation of a 7T MRI scanner

We are proud to announce the participation of Neuro Device in the installation of a high-power 7 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner from GE.

The 7T MRI scanner is a very powerful device, which makes it almost impossible to use electronic devices in its vicinity. It allows to obtain extremely precise imaging of the human body.
The magnetic field generated by this device is more than twice as powerful as the newest scanners used in hospitals. Thanks to this, scientists will be able to see the details that have so far escaped traditional research.

The scanner was installed in Lublin, for the Ecotech-Complex consortium. Currently there are only a few dozen 7T MRIs available worldwide, most of which are located in the US, which additionally proves the uniqueness of this installation. Thanks to it, Neuro Device has gained new, exceptional experience and confirmation that our devices can operate in such difficult conditions.

More information about the project:,5167.html