Christmas cards in the making

This year on St. Nicholas’ Day, we left our daily duties and sat down to make Christmas cards together. We will send our handmade greeting cards to our friends, partners, and suppliers. In our opinion, such cards have a much greater value than the ones we buy – literally and figuratively. Each card is priced at 10 zloty and as many cards as we manage to make, so much money will be allocated to a charity chosen personally by our CEO Paweł Soluch:

“I would like us to support the Mam Marzenie Foundation with our Christmas charity this year. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the people working at the Foundation. They are wonderful and very devoted to children, who have little time left to make their life dreams come true. It is one of the few foundations that increases its achievements every year, and all its employees are volunteers. It is worth helping such wonderful people!” 🎄