Seminar at the end of the SENSEAS project

On 30th May, we organised a seminar entitled “New technologies in the diagnosis and therapy of children with autism spectrum disorders”. During the event, we presented the results of research conducted within the framework of the SENSEAS project, and the guests invited by us shared their experiences and thoughts on the application of technological solutions in the diagnosis and therapy of people with ASD.

The event was attended by almost a hundred people – therapists, teachers, parents, as well as representatives of ASD support centres. Speakers included: Michał Wroniszewski, President of the SYNAPSIS Foundation, Paweł Soluch, CEO of our company, dr Anna Guzik-Kornacka, SENSEAS project expert, Izabela Libold, co-founder of the Libold Rehabilitation Centre, and Radek Machnica, founder and President of the ALEKLAS Foundation.

For all those interested in the SENSEAS project and those who could not participate in the seminar, we have prepared a scientific atlas with the most important data and research results. It is available on the project website HERE.

The SENSEAS project, co-funded by the European Union, is the first system in the world to use multimedia techniques and psychophysiological measurements (eye-tracking, EDA/GSR) to help diagnose and treat ASD in young children.

Our partners in the project were SYNAPSIS Foundation and Media Bridge (zdjęcia)