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Safe & Comfort MR System

The aim of the project was to gain expert knowledge in the field of commercialisation of an innovative solution increasing the possibilities of monitoring the patient’s condition and communication with him/her during MRI examinations.


The aim of the project was to develop a Polish complementary system of molecular surgical navigation for the treatment of cancer.


The idea of the project was to develop and verify a system using the latest technologies, which will enable objective assessment in the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders.

It was the first system in the world to use multimedia techniques and psychophysiological measurements (eye tracking, EDA/GSR), which help in the diagnosis of small children, giving them a chance for a normal life in the future.


The aim of the project was to develop a toolkit for road infrastructure testing in terms of road safety (BRD). This will enable a comprehensive assessment of safety resulting from the visibility or lack of visibility of key elements for the safe movement of vehicles on the road. The project assumed the use of modern IT and biometric tools, including primarily ophthalmic techniques and driving simulators.